Arctic Photography

A Gateway to the Majestic Arctic

Situated entirely within the Arctic Circle the remote archipelago of Svalbard offers unique, unblemished beauty and otherworldly adventures for those who choose who choose to travel off the beaten path and get pictures of a lifetime, which we at ShutterBird Production can help you and your team acquire.

Adventure Awaits

The city of Longyearbyen on the main island of Spitsbergen is the northernmost town in the world. No roads connect the settlements so the only way to travel is by less conventional means. Snowmobiles and helicopters allow you to access the protected beauty of a land that is over 60% covered in glaciers. Bird sanctuaries, glaciers, WWII outposts, polar bears, skiing expeditions and many, many more are just a few of the incredible opportunities to see some of the most rugged and majestically breathtaking sights on the planet from the comforts of modern lodgings in picturesque Longyearbyen.

Northern Lights in Svalbard

In Svalbard the Northern Lights are a part of life. When the sky is dark this celestial light show comes alive, dancing its way across the sky and through the human imagination. This wonderful phenomena of science paints the sky beautiful shades of green, pink and violet as it dances across the dark blue horizon. From November until February, the aurora borealis rules the celestial sphere as Svalbard is enveloped in 24 hour darkness.

Arctic Animals

While low in species diversity the animals present in Svalbard are highly abundant, especially in the summer. The Svalbard reindeer, the Arctic fox and polar bears are just some of the species adapted for the extreme conditions in Svalbard. With a population of more than 3000, there are times when the polar bears outnumber humans. Strongly tied to sea ice and proficient swimmers this great predator can easily be viewed from the comfort and safety of the deck of a large boat cruise. Ringed seals, bearded seals, and walruses abound in populations of thousands. Cruises are also great way to capture narwhals, beluga whales and even the incredibly rare bowhead whale almost hunted to extinction during the whaling era.

Summer Fun

For those who enjoy fun in the sun, Svalbard transforms into the land of the midnight sun as Svalbard possesses daylight for 24 hours from April to August. You can go on boat trips, hike the world’s northernmost hike or take advantage of good light conditions and relatively high temperatures that allow for great views of the nesting sea bird populations along the bird cliffs. Thousands of moulting seals can be observed resting on ice-floes in June within the great and ancient fjords. Keep an eye out for polar bears feasting on whale or walrus carcasses.

Winter Wonderland

Plenty of opportunities exist for those interested in winter activities. Exclusive wilderness adventures can be had dog-sledding, ice caving or on long skiing expeditions to Spitsbergen’s highest mountain and northernmost point. Under the northern lights adventure abounds and splendid photos of the rugged beauty of the Arctic are waiting to be immortalized in pictures.

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