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Arctic Videos

Professional Arctic Filmography

ShutterBird Production specializes in capturing the essence of the Arctic and allowing viewers from around the world to experience it. Below you will find a series of videos where ShutterBird Production was involved.

Arctic Aurora Chasers

The Northern Lights, extreme temperatures, beautiful sights, dangers, and the true Arctic Experience. This short video gives you an overview on the arctic and the challenges and experiences to expect along the way, in addition to how you can achieve the full experience of the arctic, in Svalbard and beyond. This video features shots that were primarily done in Svalbard, but also some from Northern Norway.

North Pole Marathon

ShutterBird Production was tasked to capture the North Pole Marathon on April 16, 2016. Dubbed as the “world’s coolest marathon”, it lived up to its name with a temperature of -22°C with a wind chill bringing the effective temperature to -35°C. It attracted 47 competitors from around the world, all of whom completed this 42 km marathon. Of them, 9 competitors joined the Grand Slam Club by completing a marathon on each of the 7 continents and the North Pole. Other notable competitors include Michel Ribet, who became the oldest competitor to ever finish the race at 78 years old, as well as Bruno Louges who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and still completed the marathon. We are honored to have been selected to capture such an amazing display of human endurance.

Antarctic Ice Marathon

Due to our expertise in capturing extreme winter conditions, we were tasked to capture the Antarctic Ice Marathon which took place in the vicinity of the Union Glacier camp on the 20th of November 2015. The event had 55 competitors representing 22 nations who all experienced temperatures from -17°C to -20°C. Of the 55 competitors, 47 took part in the full marathon of 42.195 km. Among these competitors was 72-year-old Mikio Kawamoto of Japan, the oldest competitor to complete the Anatarctic Ice Marathon. We are proud to have captured this amazing showcase of human perseverance.

How to Scare a Bear in the Arctic Circle

In the first part of a series on VICE about surviving in the Arctic, we partnered with Motherboard to show viewers what it takes to survive in the Arctic when confronted by a Polar Bear. As Svalbard has more Polar Bears than humans, we are the intruders in this land and thus must acknowledge and respect that this is their territory. We go over some tips on venturing out in the Arctic wilderness, such as setting up trip wires, having a rifle and flare gun, as well as having a loyal canine by your side.

Surviving the Icy Waters of the Arctic

In the second part of a series on VICE, we partnered with Motherboard to go over some tips on how one can survive the icy waters of the Arctic. In this video, our founder, Chicco Mattos, actually goes into the Arctic water to demonstrate what one needs to do to properly get out of the water, such as by using your body as a sail and by controlling your breath to avoid fainting. We hope that you find this video entertaining as well as informative.

What to Do When You’re Stuck on a Glacier

In the third part of a series on VICE, we partnered with Motherboard to go over some tips on being better prepared when going on glaciers, one of the most sought-after sights when visiting the Arctic. Tips include having a drone to scout out one’s surroundings as well as having a GPS, among other traditional supplies, in order to better position yourself and get back to base safely. Witnessing the beauty of the glaciers is one of the hallmarks of visiting the Arctic. We hope that this video helps you feel more comfortable when doing so by being better-prepared.

Emergency Tactics For Surviving the Arctic

In the fourth part of a series on VICE, we partner with Motherboard to go over some of the emergency tactics for surviving in the Arctic. When going on an expedition into the Arctic wilderness, you must always be prepared for things going wrong. Tips in the video include cooking on rocks with the help of limes as well as quickly getting visible for emergency rescuers. While we hope that you won’t get into a situation where you’ll need to use these tips, it doesn’t hurt to be ready for what nature will throw at you.

ShutterBird Production in the New York Times

In 2015, ShutterBird Production was featured on a Reuters video published in the New York Times. In the video, we go over what causes the Northern Lights, what we do to prepare ourselves before going out, and what we want to achieve. For more information about us, please take a look at our About Us page.

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